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Episode 25: Festival24

Transcript of Episode 25

Milo Reynolds-Dominguez '20, producer of Festival24, walks us through the busy and thrilling 24 hours of putting on the biannual festival.

Episode 24—Landings: Olivia Krebs

Transcript of Episode 24

Olivia Krebs '15 interned in Los Angeles for two years and credits the Cornell in Hollywood program for helping her land in her current roles as an associate producer and coproducer. 

Episode 23—SPILL

Dr. Sara Warner, associate professor of Performing and Media Arts (PMA), meets with Caitlin Kane, PhD student in PMA, to discuss her production of SPILL by Leigh Fondakowski (April 26–May 4, 2019).

Episode 22—An Evening at the Caffe Cino

Artist/scholar/educator/activist and PhD student Samuel N. W. Blake discusses his Black Box production of "An Evening at the Caffe Cino" (April 18–20, 2019).

Episode 21—Landings: Emily Skrutskie

Transcript of Episode 21

Emily Skrutskie graduated from Cornell University in 2015 as a PMA major with a film concentration. She's published three books of young adult fantasy fiction with a trilogy on the way. Emily speaks about arriving in Los Angeles and finding work at Framestore, a VFX company.

Episode 20—Landings: Lhani Jamison

Transcript of Episode 20

Lhani Jamison, a 2017 graduate of Cornell University, was an ILR major and she currently works at NBC. Lhani talks about her work life at NBC, how she got the job, and her experiences in the page program.

Episode 19—The Awakening of Spring

Co-director, actor, and Department of Performing and Media Arts senior lecturer Carolyn Goelzer and actors Andrew Dettmer, Bryan Hagelin, and Illana Wallenstein talk about The Awakening of Spring (November 9–17, 2018), written in 1890 by German playwright Frank Wedekind.

Episode 18—Constellations

Constellations (November 1–3, 2018) director Julia Dunetz '19 and cast members Reed Rosenberg '20 (Roland) and Nina Leeds '19 (Marianne) discuss the challenges and joys of staging this two-person play that explores the multiverse theory and finds Reed and Nina playing multiple versions of the same characters.

Episode 17—Fast Blood

Godfrey L. Simmons Jr., senior lecturer in the Cornell Department of Performing and Media Arts and co-artistic director of Ithaca's Civic Ensemble theatre group, and four-time Emmy-award winner and playwright Judy Tate discuss Tate's Fast Blood, presented by Civic Ensemble July 5–22, 2018, at the Maggie Goldsmith amphitheater at Lehman Alternative Community School in Ithaca. Fast Blood is a story about slavery, redemption, and ending the cycle of vengeance.

Episode 16—Part 2 of Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

 Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (April 27–28 & May 4–5, 2018) assistant director Lisa Meixner McCullough '20 and cast members Edy Kennedy '20, Julia Shebek '19, and Tyler Lloyd '18 discuss the challenges and joys of being involved in this large-scale production.

Episode 15—Part 1 of Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

PhD students Jayme Kilburn and Erin Stoneking, director and dramaturg of Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (April 27–28 & May 4–5, 2018) discuss how this play demonstrates the ways in which humans use stories to move on from moments of trauma and loss.

Episode 14—The Loneliness Project

The Loneliness Project (April 19–21, 2018) collaborative team members Caitlin Kane, Reed Motz, and Kelli Simpkins speak about bringing their documentary play, crafted in a collaboration between Chicago LGBTQIA+ artists and community members, to Ithaca.

Episode 13—Locally Grown Dance

Locally Grown Dance (March 1–3, 2018) choreographer Nic Ceynowa and dancers Deanna Myskiw '18 and Danielle LaGrua '18 chat with host Christopher Christensen. 

Episode 12—Hamlet Wakes Up Late

Hamlet Wakes Up Late (November 10–18, 2017) adapter/director and PMA assistant professor Rebekah Maggor and cast members Vanessa Okoyeh ("Polonius") and Christopher Morales ("Fortinbras") discuss the biting political satire of Shakespeare's tragedy by renowned Syrian poet and playwright Mamduh Adwan.

Episode 11—Stacie Passon

Stacie Passon is a film director, screenwriter, and producer whose debut film Concussion premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won the Teddy Jury Prize for LGBT themes at the Berlin Film Festival. She has directed episodes of Transparent, The Affair, The Path, The Last Tycoon and Billions. Her upcoming film is an adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

Episode 10—Bad Jews

Director Julia Dunetz and cast members Reed Rosenberg and Hannah Biener discuss Bad Jews (November 2–4, 2017), the story of three Jewish cousins who challenge one another to the inheritance of a family heirloom.

Episode 9—10-Minute Play Festival: Unbound

Co-producers Sam Blake and Julia Dunetz discuss the six 10-minute plays produced, as well as some background on the festival (September 28–October 1, 2017), in its fifth year.

Episode 8—The Caucasian Chalk Circle

The Caucasian Chalk Circle (September 21–23, 2017) director & PMA associate professor Beth F. Milles talks about the "play for all times," written by 20th-century German modernist poet, playwright, and theatre director Bertolt Brecht amidst the mass upheaval and disruption of World War II.

Episode 7—She Persists

PMA PhD students Jayme Kilburn and Erin Stoneking talk about Civic Ensemble's women's performance workshop She Persists (May 11–14, 2017), a devised performance using personal narratives from women-identified members of the Ithaca community. 

Episode 6—Baltimore

PMA visiting lecturer and Civic Ensemble co-artistic director Godfrey L. Simmons talks about race, politics, and how they tie into PMA & Civic Ensemble's second annual collaboration, Baltimore (April 28–May 6, 2017) by Kirsten Greenidge. 

Episode 5—Part 3 of Two Truths and Allie

In part 3, Joshua Bastian Cole, playwright and co-director, returns to the studio, this time joined by co-director Sam Blake

Episode 5—Part 2 of Two Truths and Allie

In part 2, host Chris Christensen talks with Two Truths and Allie (March 16–18, 2017) cast members Jonah Hirst, Leo Taylor, Will Wallace, Jamie Dye, and Emmett Milliken.

Episode 5—Part 1 of Two Truths and Allie

PMA PhD student Joshua Bastian Cole, playwright and co-director of Two Truths and Allie (March 16–18, 2017) discusses doppelgangers, catfishing, the boyfriend-twin phenomenon, and how those concepts and more relate to the trans play. 

Episode 4—Part 2 of The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek

In the final installment of The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek (March 3–11, 2017) podcasts, cast members Elana Valastro (Gin) and Jack Press (Dalton), who play mother and teenage son in Trestle, discuss the family dynamic and crushed American dreams in the Depression-era setting of the play.

Episode 4—Part 1 of The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek

In this second installment of The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek (March 3–11, 2017) podcasts, cast members Elise Czuchna (Pace), Irving Torres (Dray), and Sam Morrison (Chas) talk about their characters, their connections to the story, and how the Depression-era setting and themes are relevant today.

Episode 3—The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek with director Nick Fessette

PMA PhD candidate Nick Fesette, director of the Schwartz Center production of The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek (March 3–11, 2017), discusses the play. 

Episode 2—Obstruction

Nick Salvato, author, professor, and chair of Cornell University's Department of Performing and Media Arts, discusses his book Obstruction, about how a bout of laziness or digressive spell can actually open up paths to creativity and unexpected insights.

Episode 1—All God's Chillun Got Wings

Director Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr., discusses his play All God's Chillun Got Wings (April 29–May 7, 2016) at Cornell University's Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts.

Warning: Interview includes language some listeners could find offensive. 


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