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Headshots of the four participants in the Critical Moves series

Interdisciplinary speaker series offers engagement with performance scholars, practitioners

A new initiative from the Cornell University Department of Performing and Media Arts, the Asian American Studies Program, and the Latina/o Studies Program is enabling students to put into practice what they are reading, discussing, and learning in their classes. The series, “Critical Moves: Performance in Theory & Movement,” provides students and community members the opportunity to engage and participate in hands-on workshops with scholars and practitioners.

It Can't Happen Here on red and white striped background

PMA partners with free nationwide radio play of "It Can't Happen Here"

PMA is honored to join theatres across the nation to spread the word about Berkeley Rep’s YouTube radio production of Sinclair Lewis’ novel “It Can’t Happen Here.” Written in 1935 during the rise of fascism in Europe, Lewis’ darkly satirical “It Can’t Happen Here” follows the ascent of a demagogue who becomes President of the United States by promising to return the country to greatness. The audio drama is being offered free to organizations across the country. The intent for the project is to encourage dialogue and motivate citizens to exercise their civic power and vote.

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Austin Bunn

Austin Bunn,  Associate Professor, Koenig Jacobson Sesquicentennial Fellow

I like to build from true stories. I think that comes from my experience as a journalist. I believe in the real world—there’s something important about understanding the facts and the honest genuine narrative and then elaborating from there.