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The Department of Performing and Media Arts offers four undergraduate minors: Performing and Media Arts, Dance, Film and Theatre. Requirements for the minors are flexible yet ensure that students understand fundamental elements in their areas of interest. Courses explore history, theory, and criticism in combination with performance, authorship, design and technology.

Learning Goals

Through their involvements in PMA, students will develop the following:

  • The capacity to engage aesthetic categories and develop language for critical discussion
  • Creative and critical skills in performance and media
  • Understanding by study and through experience the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of creative work
  • Understanding how creative work is made
  • A deepened historical knowledge of inter-cultural traditions on a global scale

Guidelines for Minors

  • Fulfill the requirements for the desired minor listed below. 
  • Pass all courses with a letter grade of C or higher. 
  • No S-U grades are accepted unless there is no letter grade option.
  • First-year Writing Seminars do not count for the minor.
  • All credit toward the minor must be from PMA courses taken at Cornell, or from PMA courses taken with Cornell-affiliated programs (such as Cornell-in-Washington). Courses taken through Study Abroad programs, other than those directly affiliated with Cornell (such as Cornell-in-Rome), cannot be used toward the minor.
  • To count toward a PMA minor requirement, a class must be taught by a PMA faculty member, or a PMA graduate field faculty member. Some classes cross-listed with PMA may therefore not be eligible for use toward the PMA minor requirements.
  • Minor must be declared before week three of the final semester of enrollment at Cornell. Students should declare as early as possible to gain the appropriate advising to fulfill the minor.
  • Credits earned from Production Labs can only be used to fulfill the Production Lab requirement.

Class Requirements by Minor

Performing and Media Arts Minor 

• One of six global studies courses: PMA 3550 – Global Cinema I , PMA 3551 – Global Cinema II, PMA 3750 – Global Stages I, PMA 3751 – Global Stages II, PMA 3226 – Global Dance I, or PMA 3227 – Global Dance II
• One PMA course in the area designated by the Design rubric 
• One PMA course in the area designated by the Creative Authorship rubric 
• One PMA course in the area designated by the Embodied Performance rubric 
• One additional PMA course in any of the rubrics 
• One Production Laboratory course (at least two credits) 

Dance Minor 

• PMA 2300 – Beginning Dance Composition (3 credits) 
• PMA 3226 – Global Dance I or PMA 3227 - Global Dance II (4 credits) 
• Other PMA Dance courses totaling a minimum of 11 credits 
• One Production Laboratory course (at least two credits) 

Film Minor 

• PMA 3550 – Global Cinema I or PMA 3551 – Global Cinema II 
• PMA 3531 – Screenwriting I, or PMA 3570 – Introduction to Visual Storytelling, or PMA 3510 – Documentary Production 1 
• Three additional PMA courses focused on film, excluding Production Laboratory courses 
• One Production Laboratory course (at least two credits) 

Theatre Minor 

• PMA 3750 – Global Stages I or PMA 3751 – Global Stages II 
• PMA 2800 – Introduction to Acting, or any PMA course in Design (DE)
• Three additional PMA courses focused on Theatre, excluding Production Laboratory courses 
• One Production Laboratory course (at least two credits) 



Step 1. Contact the PMA DUS for an initial minor advising appointment: PMA-DUS@cornell.edu

Step 2. Meet with the Undergrad/Grad Field Representative to complete the formal declaration of the minor.

Once we have you in the Cornell enrollment system as an official minor in PMA, you’ll be all set to enroll in PMA classes and have them count toward your degree.

Please note that we are not able to process any new minors during the pre-enrollment periods.

After you declare, if you have follow-up questions about whether a specific class counts toward the minor requirements, or to confirm the satisfactory completion of all minor requirements before graduation, contact the Undergrad/Grad Field Representative, Donna Miller (dm246@cornell.edu).

Information for Prospective Students

Visit the Prospective Students section for helpful information as you explore Cornell for your undergraduate education. You can also browse our Frequently Asked Questions.

Information for Transfer Students about Minors

We do not grant transfer credit for any of the PMA minors. All requirements for the minors must be fulfilled with PMA courses taken at Cornell or through Cornell-affiliated programs (e.g., Cornell-in-Washington, Cornell-in-Rome).

See more information for transfer students.