Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow/Visiting Lecturer


Dr. Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz’s research is at the intersection of critical dance studies, illegality and citizenship, and (Afro)Latinx/Latin American experiences. He’s a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow (2020-2022) in the Society for the Humanities and an incoming assistant professor in the Department of Performing and Media Arts at Cornell University. He’s the former managing director of San Francisco’s Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers. He is also a choreographer and professional dancer whose work has been presented internationally.

Research Focus

This past year, Dr. Aldape Muñoz made the decision to pause his internationally oriented project in Mexico that he had hope to continue this coming year because of the still evolving complications of international travel. His new book project The Alien Commons: Choreography and Performance Beyond Citizenship focuses on undocumented, queer, indigenous adoptee, and Afro-Indigenous artistic projects within the umbrella of migrant latinidad. During the upcoming fellowship year at the Society, he will develop a chapter on undocumented Afro-Indigenous poet and adornment artist Alán Pelaez to identify how “illegal” artists cultivate an alien consciousness to circumvent mestizo, nationalist, anti-Black, homophobic, and overlapping colonial frameworks in Mexico and the United States. The chapter is tentatively titled “Afro-Indigenous Circulations: The Black Atlantic via Meso-America in Alán Pelaez’s Intergalactic Travels: poems from a fugitive alien.

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