A Keynote Talk by Assistant Professor Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz at UC Berkeley's Latinx Research Center

Assistant Professor Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz will give a keynote talk at the Latinx Research Center, UC Berkeley on "Choreographies of Friction: Latinx Contemporary Dance in the Americas" on Wednesday, October 25.

In this talk, Prof. Aldape Muñoz will delve into the captivating realm of Latinx/Latin American contemporary dance and how talented artists navigate the intricate web of multiple genealogies, weaving choreographies that embody unity, avowal, disquietude, and the cultural joy of diverse futures. Prof. Aldape Muñoz and Liz Boubion, the artistic director of FLACC, will discuss how Latinx contemporary dance encapsulates cultural resilience and artistic innovation, while also challenging labels like "ethnic,""national," and "world dance" that perpetuate asymmetrical racial and colonial legacies. Presented in partnership with the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers (FLACC), which celebrates a decade of showcasing the creativity and richness of Latinx dance in the Americas, this talk promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of dance aesthetics and cultural identity.

This event is free, open to the public, and wheelchair accessible. For more information or accommodations, please email latinxresearch@berkeley.edu.


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Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz