(M)Other Perspectives: Staging Motherhood in 21st Century North American Theatre & Performance

PMA Lecturer and Advising Dean Aoise Stratford recently released a new book "(M)Other Perspectives: Staging Motherhood in 21st Century North American Theatre and Performance," from Routledge. Stratford co-edited the book with Lynn Deboeck, Associate Professor of Theatre, University of Utah. This collection offers essays, ethnographies, interviews, manifestos and other writings exploring the figure of the mother on stage and behind the scenes from a variety of perspectives and through a variety of lenses.

This anthology examines maternity in contemporary performance at the intersection of a wide range of topics from nationhood to mental health, queer parenting, embodied dramaturgy, cultural practice, and immigration.

This book includes critical essays examining twenty-first century dramatic literature, first-hand ethnographic accounts of motherhood in practice, interviews, feminist manifestos, and artist reflections. In its deliberately curated variety, this collection seeks to resist homogeneity and offer instead a range of approaches to key questions: what versions of motherhood get staged, and why? And what do dramatic representations tell us about the role of mothers in our own fraught contemporary moment?

For more information, visit: www.routledge.com/MOther-Perspectives-Staging-Motherhood-in-21st-Century-North-American/Deboeck-Stratford/p/book/9781032303116

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