Meet Our New Faculty!

The Department of Performing and Media Arts proudly welcomes five new faculty members this fall, advancing the department's artistic essence and scholarly endeavors, fusing the realms of media creation, film production, and captivating live performances with the in-depth exploration of dance, theatre, film, television, and associated art forms.

We invite you to delve into the following profiles, providing a glimpse into the remarkable backgrounds and expertise of our new faculty members.

Mendi Obadike, Professor

Mendi Obadike

Kristen Warner, Associate Professor

Kristen Warner

Danielle Russo, Assistant Professor of the Practice

Danielle Russo

Doorim Kim, Lecturer

Doorim Kim

Juanie Fowlkes, Visiting Assistant Professor

Juanie Fowlkes

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Mendi Obadike, Kristen Warner, Danielle Russo, Doorim Kim, Juanie Fowlkes