Doorim Kim



Doorim is a versatile artist who explores a wide range of media, including film (fiction, animation, and experimental) and video. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, she is currently based in upstate New York, where she passionately creates art. Her films have garnered significant recognition, being screened at prestigious events such as the Misen-scene Film Festival in Korea, as well as in the United States and various other countries.

As the director of TOFU Studio production, Doorim's artistic endeavors revolve around the profound interplay of image and sound. She believes that filmmaking is a unique language that seamlessly combines both visual and auditory elements. Her projects are characterized by evocative symbolic imagery and a rich tapestry of infinite sounds. By deliberately juxtaposing these elements, she stimulates audiences to engage in subjective contemplation and introspection.

Doorim's projects primarily revolve around themes of communication and communion. Similar to the essence of a poem, her films possess a distinctive power in the spaces between the visuals and sounds. In these pauses, viewers are encouraged to take a breath and embark on imaginative journeys of their own. Consequently, her projects aim not only to showcase moving images but also to unearth the profound meanings hidden within them, such as emotions, the passage of time, weight, and the intangible pressure of air.

Recently, Doorim successfully produced and directed her feature film, titled "A Whale Who Drinks a Fishbowl." This accomplishment stands as a testament to her creative vision and unwavering dedication to the art of storytelling.

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