Locally Grown Dance 2023

Locally Grown Dance (LGD) is an annual dance showcase performed by PMA dance students.

March 9th, 10th, and 11th, 7:30 p.m., Kiplinger Theatre | Get Tickets

Locally Grown Dance 2023 Program

Interlude No. 1 (Prelude)
Director: Jumay Chu
Dancer: Annika Deutsch
Costume Artist: Kumi Korf
Music: selection from Steve Reich "City Life: II. Pile Driver, Alarms"
Length: 2 mins

Ariadne's Noose
Choreography: by individual dancers in collaboration with spatial organization by Byron Suber; coaching and collaborative choreography by Courtney Henry
Dancers: Malena Angelopoulos Goula, Molly Goldstein, Molly Hudson, Anna Liba, Sarah Lynch, Joie Mentry, Cate Moore, Katerina Petrosky, Emma Rethy
Vocalists: Sarah Lynch, Jenny Park
Extras in Film: Katelyn Canova, Benjamin Hewitt, Emma Rouh
Music: Sergei Prokofiev: Piano Etudes; Nicolo Paganini: Locatelli Caprice; Michael Nyman: String Quartet; Infinite Complexities of Christmas, "Falling and Song of a Siren" arranged and accompaniment by Max Buckholtz Length: 27 mins

Interlude No. 2
Director: Jumay Chu
Dancers: Annika Deutsch, Charlotte Hee, Anna Rose Marion
Music: selection from Steve Reich "Different Trains: America, Before the War"
Costume Artist: Kumi Korf
Length: 2 mins

Beautiful Monsters
Choreography: Olive Prince
Dancers: Sarah Grace Brown, Molly Hudson, Anna Rose Marion, Caroline Ongchin, Caitlin Tess Sigda
Music: Loscil, Sarah Neufeld & Byetone edited by Olive Prince
Costume Designer: Sarah Eckert Bernstein
Length: 14 mins

Interlude No. 3
Director: Jumay Chu
Dancer: Joie Mentry, Katerina Petrosky
Costume Artist: Kumi Korf
Music: selection from Steve Reich "Clapping Music"
Length: 2 mins


Interlude No. 4
Director: Jumay Chu
Dancers: Annika Deutsch, Molly Elizabeth Goldstein, Charlotte Hee, Molly Mairead Hudson, Anna Liba, Anna Rose Marion, Joie Marie Mentry, Cate Steward Moore, Katerina Petrosky, Emma Violet Rethy
Costume Artist: Kumi Korf
Music: selection from Steve Reich "Drumming"
Length: 2 mins

Choreographed and Performed by: Olive Prince and Caroline O'Brien
Music: Holly Herndon & Sarah Neufeld edited by Olive Prince
Length: 8 min. 20 seconds

Interlude No. 5
Director: Jumay Chu
Dancer: Katerina Petrosky
Costume Artist: Kumi Korf
Music: selection from Steve Reich "City Life: IV. Heartbeats, Boats and Buoys"
Length: 2 mins

Choreography: Miles Yeung-Tieu, with contributions from Mark Caserta and performers
Dancers: Annika Currie, Trent Edwards, Colton Edwards, Charlotte Hee, Austin Johnson, and Anna-Rose Marion
Sound: Samplings from Tim Buckley, The Carpenters, BØRNS, The Cardigans, SG Lewis, Billie Holiday, Einstein On The Beach, The Big Chill, Allan Watts, The Delilah Show, Prince, and original sourced sound. Arranged by Miles Yeung-Tieu.
Length: 20 mins

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