Locally Grown Dance 2023

Locally Grown Dance (LGD) is an annual dance showcase performed by PMA dance students.

March 9th, 10th, and 11th, 7:30 p.m., Kiplinger Theatre | Get Tickets

Locally Grown Dance 2023 Program

Interlude No. 1 (Prelude)
Director: Jumay Chu
Dancer: Annika Deutsch
Costume Artist: Kumi Korf
Music: selection from Steve Reich "City Life: II. Pile Driver, Alarms"
Length: 2 mins

Ariadne's Noose
Choreography: by individual dancers in collaboration with spatial organization by Byron Suber; coaching and collaborative choreography by Courtney Henry
Dancers: Malena Angelopoulos Goula, Molly Goldstein, Molly Hudson, Anna Liba, Sarah Lynch, Joie Mentry, Cate Moore, Katerina Petrosky, Emma Rethy
Vocalists: Sarah Lynch, Jenny Park
Extras in Film: Katelyn Canova, Benjamin Hewitt, Emma Rouh
Music: Sergei Prokofiev: Piano Etudes; Nicolo Paganini: Locatelli Caprice; Michael Nyman: String Quartet; Infinite Complexities of Christmas, "Falling and Song of a Siren" arranged and accompaniment by Max Buckholtz Length: 27 mins

Interlude No. 2
Director: Jumay Chu
Dancers: Annika Deutsch, Charlotte Hee, Anna Rose Marion
Music: selection from Steve Reich "Different Trains: America, Before the War"
Costume Artist: Kumi Korf
Length: 2 mins

Beautiful Monsters
Choreography: Olive Prince
Dancers: Sarah Grace Brown, Molly Hudson, Anna Rose Marion, Caroline Ongchin, Caitlin Tess Sigda
Music: Loscil, Sarah Neufeld & Byetone edited by Olive Prince
Costume Designer: Sarah Eckert Bernstein
Length: 14 mins

Interlude No. 3
Director: Jumay Chu
Dancer: Joie Mentry, Katerina Petrosky
Costume Artist: Kumi Korf
Music: selection from Steve Reich "Clapping Music"
Length: 2 mins


Interlude No. 4
Director: Jumay Chu
Dancers: Annika Deutsch, Molly Elizabeth Goldstein, Charlotte Hee, Molly Mairead Hudson, Anna Liba, Anna Rose Marion, Joie Marie Mentry, Cate Steward Moore, Katerina Petrosky, Emma Violet Rethy
Costume Artist: Kumi Korf
Music: selection from Steve Reich "Drumming"
Length: 2 mins

Choreographed and Performed by: Olive Prince and Caroline O'Brien
Music: Holly Herndon & Sarah Neufeld edited by Olive Prince
Length: 8 min. 20 seconds

Interlude No. 5
Director: Jumay Chu
Dancer: Katerina Petrosky
Costume Artist: Kumi Korf
Music: selection from Steve Reich "City Life: IV. Heartbeats, Boats and Buoys"
Length: 2 mins

Choreography: Miles Yeung-Tieu, with contributions from Mark Caserta and performers
Dancers: Annika Currie, Trent Edwards, Colton Edwards, Charlotte Hee, Austin Johnson, and Anna-Rose Marion
Sound: Samplings from Tim Buckley, The Carpenters, B├śRNS, The Cardigans, SG Lewis, Billie Holiday, Einstein On The Beach, The Big Chill, Allan Watts, The Delilah Show, Prince, and original sourced sound. Arranged by Miles Yeung-Tieu.
Length: 20 mins

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