Asiamnesia, Apr. 15-17

The Department of (PMA) welcomes the premiere of 'Asiamnesia' by Sun Mee Chomet, with performances on Thursday, April 15–Saturday, April 17, and talkback sessions following each showtime. Directed by Duoer Jia (’21) and Sara Pistono (’21), two undergraduates in the Cornell University Department of Performing & Media Arts, it was originally produced by the Mu Performing Arts Center in 2008 under the direction of Randy Reyes.

'Asiamnesia' is an exploration of the stereotypes that plague Asian/Asian American actresses throughout their careers, as well as a celebration of their versatility and endurance. Through the inclusion of various historical figures and a look into contemporary shows and casting processes, 'Asiamnesia' discusses the politics behind Asian/Asian American representation in the American entertainment industry. Scenes shift from realistic to conceptual, metaphorical to literal, classical to postmodern. It is a show sure to leave audience members thinking deeply about the challenges faced by Asian women, not only in entertainment but in society as well.

The talkbacks will culminate in a discussion with the playwright, Sun Mee Chomet. The talkback sessions will include directors and actors (Thursday); designers and directors (Friday); BIPOC Professors from PMA (Saturday matinee); and the playwright (Saturday evening)

Students involved in the production are mindful of the uplifting opportunity to embody the voices and promote the stories of these women at a time when AAPI hate is being forced into the forefront of national consciousness. Pistono hopes that the love that went into the production will be reflected in the audience’s enjoyment, saying: “I’m so grateful for this space of power and joy we’ve been able to create together.” Jia believes it will be impactful for viewers as well, revealing: “I cried the first time I saw five talented Asian women on stage, so vibrant, full of life, and beautiful.”

Sara Pistono (’21), a Psychology and PMA double major, is ecstatic to bring a play as timely and relevant as 'Asiamnesia' to Cornell. Primarily an actor and producer within the department, this is her first main-stage show as a director. She hopes that fellow Asian/Asian American identifying women see themselves represented onstage, and that the show can serve as a means of spurring conversation and reflection.

Duoer Jia (’21) majors in Information & PMA. Having participated in several PMA productions previously, she is thrilled to finally bring a piece that tells her story as an Asian woman in the United States to the Cornell PMA department. In light of current Anti-Asian crimes, she is grateful for having this opportunity to put on a play that is so powerful, explicit, and sometimes even uncomfortable about the truth of being an Asian/Asian American woman.

See showtimes, talkback session schedule & special guests,and reserve your free ticket at A link will be emailed to you prior to showtime.

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