New, Revised, and Special Topics Courses (Fall 2022)

Note about overlapping courses

Bruce Levitt with students

While some PMA instructors will allow students to enroll in classes that overlap, not all do. If your proposed Fall 2022 schedule includes overlaps, please consult with the faculty in question before enrolling so that you can adjust your enrollment plans if necessary.

PMA 1611: Rehearsal and Performance

Information to come.

PMA 3572: Environmental Film Production

Instructor: Jessica Bardsley

From landscape cinema to underwater GoPro videos, environmental films connect issues of representation to conversations about climate change, the perspectives of plants and animals, and land politics. This course asks students to study these ideas, as they also pick up cameras to make their own films. Course readings will include a range of contemporary ecological perspectives, including texts from Feminist Science and Technology Studies, Black Studies, and Indigenous Studies. Screenings will include the work of filmmakers like Sky Hopinka, Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel, Thirza Cuthand, James Benning,  John Akomfrah, and many more. In addition to reading and viewing, work for this course involves a series of video production assignments paired with short written responses, as well as exploratory outdoor exercises. (AU)

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PMA 3661: Costume Design Studio II

Instructor: Sarah Bernstein

Design of costumes for theatre and film, concentrating on script and character analysis, period research, design elements, figure drawing and rendering skills, and an understanding of production style. (DE)

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PMA 4801: Advanced Studies in Acting Techniques

Instructor: Theo Black

Topic for Fall 2022: Style

In “Style for Actors: a handbook for moving beyond realism” Robert Barton writes that “Style is the way something is done… perceived in terms of expectations, how many conventions or rules of make-believe the audience must accept, in order to appreciate it.” For actors, the capacity to connect to character authentically and then expand one’s range to dwell within variegated genres challenges us as artists to learn and grow within new realms of creativity and experience. In this course, students will engage in a kaleidoscope of projects to explore variegated styles of acting: realism/other modes, tragi/comedy, scripted/improvised/devised, stage/screen, and more – via a series of projects, culminating in an end-of-semester sharing w/invited guests.

Full details for PMA 4801: Advanced Studies in Acting Techniques