Victoria Serafini


Victoria Serafini (she/they) is a Ph.D. Candidate and queer filmmaker in Performing & Media Arts. Her dissertation project centers on the importance of femslash media fandoms and amateur lesbian pornography in the creation of sapphic sexual publics starting in the 1970s United States. She is particularly interested in how discourses and practices of intimacy, distance, fantasy, and violence are used to solidify these communities. Victoria has worked on student films, thesis projects, independent feature films and documentaries. Her two major passions within film production are production design and editing. Highly active in lesbian fandom circles online, she edits fanvids in her spare time.

Victoria earned her Bachelor's Degree in Cinema & Television Arts from California State University Fullerton in 2017. Her Master’s Degree was completed at Cornell in Performing & Media Arts in 2021.