Transcript of Sabine Haenni Video

Sabine Haenni:

Hello, my name is Sabine Haenni and I'm an associate professor and chair of the department of performing and media arts at Cornell. 

It is my pleasure and my privilege to welcome you to the department. We would like to tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do as a group of faculty, students, and staff here in PMA. 

Simply put our work is at the intersection of creativity and critical thought. We combine media and filmmaking, live performance with the study of theatre, performance, dance, film, television, digital media, and other formats. 

Last year, during 2021, we learned how to adapt our performances to virtual formats. And we had some fun figuring out new ways of combining live and mediated art forms. 

But we very much look forward to the core of our activities. Again, being located in the Schwartz Center of Performing and Media arts, you will find on the site, a virtual tour of its spaces and its resources, including its classrooms, its theaters, its dance studios, its film, editing suite, and soundstage, its scene, and costume shop. 

You can also find a set of remarks from my colleagues about the different parts of PMA, its academic major, and its different minors in film, theatre, dance, and innovative combinations of it.

And you will also find some information about other ways of getting involved in live performance and in film and media production, please feel free to reach out to any and all of us, if you have questions about the work you do, you will find our emails on our website. 

We look forward to talking to you and to learning more about your interests at our open house, at our events, in our classrooms. So please come by to Schwartz center, which is located in College Town.

Take good care. Look at the videos below, check out our website and have a wonderful time at Cornell.