Transcript of Karen Jaime video

Karen Jaime:

Hello, I'm professor Karen Jaime and I'm the director of undergraduate studies in the department of performing and media arts. 

On behalf of my faculty and staff colleagues, and our undergraduate and graduate students, I'd like to welcome you to Cornell and introduce you to the PMA community. 

Here at PMA, we explore different types of performance, including theatre, performance art, spoken word, and intermedial performance, as well as television, film, and digital media productions. 

Through our courses, our students explore the dialogic relationship between theory and practice, understanding how art is made, what it means and what it ultimately does in order to better critically understand the world it engages.

What can you do with a PMA major? Well, the PMA major assist students in developing the foundational skills necessary for graduate study or for preparing them for beginning careers in the arts. 

Our alumni include award winning filmmakers in theatre artists, designers, dancers, and other art service professionals. 

Other students choose to apply their PMA skills for fields such as law, medicine, industry, or an art service professions. 

If you'd like further information about PMA, please feel free to visit our website at p m a dot cornell dot edu. 

Or please contact me directly at p m a dash d u s at cornell dot edu. We look forward to meeting you soon.