Transcript of Jason Simms video

Jason Simms:

Hi, I'm Jason Simms assistant professor here in PMA. And I'm going to talk about the performance and events committee also known as the P and E committee.  

We are excited to be back in full force at the Schwartz Center this year with projects primarily led by students and projects that center student voices. 

The committee determines which projects or productions will be presented at the Schwartz Center based on proposals received from students and faculty. 

For the first time the committee has allocated budget to film thesis projects, work this year includes a very extensive black box series featuring student voices, work written by students and even workshops driven by students.

We're also presenting some special events.  PMA alum, Carly Robinson will be leading a workshop this fall focused on the work of August Wilson.  

Santee Smith is coming from Toronto to present work for us, and we will be presenting the department staple Mini Locally-Grown Dance and Locally-Grown Dance. 

We are very excited about the live and in-person productions happening at the Schwartz Center this year. 

Thank you. And we look forward to seeing you at the Schwartz Center.