Transcript of Jason Simms video

Jason Simms:


I’m Jason Simms, Assistant Professor of Design here at PMA and I help lead the Programming Committee. 
This year we have some exciting projects and presentations led by faculty and students. 
As is tradition, we will kick-off the academic year with Festival 24 which will also include short films. 
We have a few senior and thesis projects: 
Taylor Bazos will be presenting a bilingual Spanish and English Children’s play called BABY ROCK. 
Adam Shulman, will be presenting NATURE’S PLAY in the Cornell Botanic Gardens in the spring. 
Noah Alpers will be producing their original screenplay WILFORD THE DRUG ELEPHANT, a film that explores the inadequacies surrounding drug education. 
Projects presented by graduate students include Waylon Wilson’s short documentary about the beadwork created by the Tuscarora people.  

Andy Colpitts will be presenting the original musical THE FAMILY COPOLI: A POST-APOCALYPTIC BURLESQUE AND REPOPULATION PLAY.  

Anna Evtushenko will present her original play MINE, a play exploring motherhood and human possessiveness. 
Additional student projects include workshops directed by John Colie titled SOUL MINING, as well as a project by Asha Prabhat that explores experiences women of color have on the Cornell campus. 
Instructor Theo Black, along with guest artist Raelle Myrick Hodges will be presenting a series of one act plays in the Flexible Theatre later this fall. 
Associate Professor Beth Milles will present a clowning workshop exploring the intersectionality of dementia and joy in collaboration with Daniel Passer. 
Locally Grown Dance, PMA’s annual dance concert will be presented in the spring. 
In October, Santee Smith will be back with Kaha:wi Dance Theatre to present the acclaimed THE MUSH HOLE.  

A piece that reflects the realities of the Mohawk Institute residential school experience and offers a way to open dialogue and to heal. 
We look forward to seeing you at The Schwartz Center.