Transcript of David Feldshuh Video


David Feldshuh:

Hi. My name is David Feldshuh, and I'm fortunate to serve as the Director of undergraduate studies. Here in the department of Performing and media arts.

I say fortunate because I get the opportunity to meet remarkable students with diverse and interesting stories and talk with them about PMA and two phrases come up again. And again, I'm curious and I want to explore. 

Well PMA is a great place to be curious and a great place to explore. We have a wide variety of diverse courses, dozens of courses, theater, film, dance, media in all their permutations. 

I think also that you have a special opportunity here to learn in two complementary ways. You can understand the subject, analyze it, reflect on it, write about it. 

And you also have the opportunity to make the art form yourself create something original. Also frequently in a team setting so you get a little sense of your own ability to lead and collaborate and communicate and complete a project on time. 

You can study about film for example, you can make your own film. And let me add that PMA and the Schwartz Center is a great place to meet people to make friends and have fun. 

The result of this learning is fascinating as it is useful. It is increased awareness. Awareness of the world and yourself think of how many ways performance and media play into our lives. 

Think about your own creative resources. These are transferable skills. To the time after you graduate Cornell. 

So, please email me. Let's chat. We here in PMA want to support you and contribute to your Cornell journey and your aspirations after you graduate. 

Until we meet please stay very well. Enjoy Cornell. And thanks for staying with me to the very very end of this video.