Spring 2018 Events

Crew Meeting
January 25, Flex Theatre, Schwartz Center

Festival 24
January 27, Flex Theatre, Schwartz Center

Auditions for PMA Productions
January 29, Flex Theatre, Schwartz Center

Spanish Film Club: Ixcanul, Volcano (France, Guatemala/2015)
February 7, Klarman Auditorium

Professional Directions Speaker Series: Editor & Director Yaara Sumeruk
February 12, Film Forum, Schwartz Center

Spanish Film Club: Eternal Amazon (Brazil/2013)
February 14, Klarman Auditorium

Spanish Film Club: Sealed Cargo (Bolivia/2015)
February 21, Klarman Auditorium

Big Galut(E) Klezmer Ensemble performs The Tale of Monish by I.L. Peretz
February 21, Barnes Hall

Spanish Film Club: From The Land To Your Table (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela/2011)
February 28, Klarman Auditorium

Professional Directions Speaker Series: Cinematographer Ivan Rodrigues
March 1, Film Forum, Schwartz Center

Locally Grown Dance
March 1–3, Kiplinger Theatre, Schwartz Center

TV, Film & Theatre Internship/Career Panel
March 5, Room 125, Schwartz Center

Hangar Theatre Lab Company Info Sessions/Auditions
March 5, Film Forum, Schwartz Center

Spanish Film Club: The Facilitator (Ecuador, Chile, USA/2014)
March 7, Klarman Auditorium

Professional Directions Speaker Series: Writer & Director James Greenberg '89 (Future '38)
March 8, Room 124, Schwartz Center

Arnika Fuhrmann presents "In the Mood for Texture: Hong Kong, Bangkok and Shanghai’s Urban and Media Revivals of Chinese Colonial Modernity"
March 8, Guerlac Room, A. D. White House

We Tried to Stop and We Can't
March 9, Flex Theatre, Schwartz Center

CCCI Special Performance: Wu Man and the Huayin puppet troupe folk band
March 19, Barnes Hall, 129 Ho Plaza

Rhodessa Jones presents "Creative Survival: Art and Activism for the 21st Century”
March 20, Film Forum, Schwartz Center

Rhodessa Jones: Master Class Workshop
March 22, Room 322, Schwartz Center

Professional Directions Speaker Series: Playwright & Novelist Kia Corthron
March 23, Green Room, Schwartz Center

Heermans-McCalmon Competition Reading & Screening
March 23, Class of '56 Dance Theatre, Schwartz Center

A Conversation with Broadway Director Sam Gold '00
March 24, Flex Theatre, Schwartz Center

"Transnational Kurdish Cinema: Aesthetics, Memory, and the Archive" with Ozgur Cicek
March 27, Room 124, Schwartz Center

Professional Directions Speaker Series: Q&A with Film/TV Managers Josh Goldenberg & Michael Wilson
April 9, Room 124, Schwartz Center

Professional Directions Speaker Series: Q&A with Filmmaker & Producer Laura Archer
April 10, Room 124, Schwartz Center

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm, Take One
April 11, Africana Studies and Research Center

Louise Meintjes (Duke University): Dust of the Zulu: Ngoma Aesthetics After Apartheid
April 12, 124 Lincoln Hall

A Skype Talk w/Co-Head of Production David Greenbaum '98 (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
April 12, Cornell Cinema

5th Annual Centrally Isolated Film Festival
April 13–14, Film Forum, Schwartz Center

Flanking Maneuvers - Das Laterale Denken
April 13–14, A.D White House

The Loneliness Project (AGIT Lab)
April 19–21, Black Box Theatre, Schwartz Center

From Land to Land: A Video & Sound Installation Exhibit
April 22–29 The Cherry Arts, Ithaca

Yasmine Van Wilt (Columbia University): In-Class Appearance
April 24, Schwartz Center

Screening of Film Work in Progress: TONY
April 25, Film Forum, Schwartz Center

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play
April 27–28, May 4–5, Kiplinger Theatre, Schwartz Center

containment: defining boundaries, activating outbreak
May 3–5, Class of '56 Dance Theatre, Schwartz Center

Michael Chekov Acting Technique Workshops with Carolyn Goelzer
May 4 & May 6, Room 322, Schwartz Center

Catching The Stars: A Lighting, Music & Dance Extravaganza
May 11, Schwartz Center Courtyard

Drama Across Borders: The Politics & Poetics of Contemporary Theatre in Translation
May 11–12, Flex Theatre, Schwartz Center and The Cherry Arts, Ithaca

Cornell PMA Student Film Screenings
May 14, Kiplinger Theatre, Schwartz Center