Paige Chung


Paige Chung is a writer and DJ. Her research focus is intimacies in the Vietnamese Diaspora, nail salons, hip-hop, and DJ turntablism. Critical Ethnic Studies, and the work of Reid Gómez shape her intellect. Natasha Diggs, Syrehn, Quinnette, and The Beat Junkies inform her sound. She is interested in the DJ’s use of turntablism to uplift and unite communities.

They are currently working on a few projects. Their critical project analyzes hip-hop’s entanglements with Blackness as a fixed ontological categorical position. They attempt to answer a few pleas in their research: Marquis Bey's, for gender abolition and Paul Gilroy's, against categorical closure while using Michelle Wright’s theory of Blackness as a “when” and “where.” Their creative work is a collection of stories and plays about a Vietnamese family during the pandemic. They are also in the early stages of writing 1992 by Princess Nokia inspired by the 33 1/3 Bloomsbury series.

Born x Raised in Los Angeles but she rolls everywhere. She currently trains in DJ turntablism at the Beat Junkies Institute of Sound and studies Performing and Media Arts at Cornell University. 

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