"Nollywood Global Circuits" Led by PMA Graduate Student Rejoice Abutsa

PMA graduate student Rejoice Abutsa and a PhD scholar Ucheyamere Nkwam-Uwaoma (Bournemouth University) co-organized and co-moderated a virtual panel, "Nollywood Global Circuits," delving into the industry's origins and global impact with 74 stakeholders from Africa, UK, and the US. Nollywood veterans like Mofe-Damijo and Isong highlighted its creative strides and unique storytelling despite Western norms. Ajai-Lycett urged unionization for structural improvement, advocating for actors' managerial skills and emphasizing Nollywood's role in national development. Rapu proposed renaming it 'Naija Cinema,' asserting its global reach. Debates on pay, storytelling freedom, and industry evolution underscored the need for sustainable structures to shape Nollywood's future global standing. Overall, the discussion emphasized embracing uniqueness while structurally advancing the industry. 

Read the full article “Industry Veterans Advocate Better Structure at Nollywood Global Circuits” by Vanessa Obioha on THISDAY

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Rejoice Abutsa