Application for Internship Academic Credit

To apply for internship academic credit, you must

  • To be eligible for academic credit, the student must be either a declared PMA major or declared in one of the four PMA minors in the College of Arts & Sciences;
  • have accepted an unpaid internship offer from a company;
  • enroll in PMA 4952 - Undergraduate Internship in the fall semester following the completion of a summer internship;
  • complete and submit the Student Evaluation Report at the conclusion of the internship, but no later than September 1.

Interns may earn one academic credit for each 80 hours of structured and supervised work, up to two credits.

The deadline for submitting this application is April 15 of each year. The Application for Academic Credit MUST be received prior to the start of the internship; academic credit will not be considered for applications submitted after the start of the internship. 

Contact Christopher Riley, Senior Department Manager, if you have questions: or 607-254-2731. 

Applicant Information
Internship Company Information
PMA will contact the company supervisor identified above with a request for the company to complete and sign a Cornell Internship Agreement before my internship begins. This agreement, which outlines the duties and responsibilities of the intern, will serve to document that the internship offers an educational benefit to the student and the number of academic credit hours to be earned.
I will complete a Student Evaluation Report at the end of my internship and submit it to PMA no later than September 1.
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