PMA in Europe

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Spend the summer in Europe and earn Cornell credits!

Join faculty from Cornell University's Department of Performing and Media Arts for a fantastic summer in Europe from June 7–July 21, 2018. 

PMA in Europe is a four-to-eight credit, interdisciplinary program held in Paris, France and Rome, Italy, and is designed to give students an arts-focused, wide-reaching introduction to the cities' urban culture. 

The courses are interdisciplinary in nature, while enabling a field specific focus in cinema, dance, non-verbal theater performance visual studies, Italian studies, or queer studies. Within the overarching structure, work is done by each student in either the creation of original performance or in written critical analysis.

The program is open to all majors and the courses are conducted in English.

(Links will be updated with 2018 information soon.)

PMA in Europe Program Overview

PMA 4372 Performativity in Paris (4 credits)

PMA 3380 Ancient/Modern Corpo-Realities (4 credits)

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