Yasmine Van Wilt (Columbia University): In-Class Appearance

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Yasmine Van Wilt (Columbia University, Artist-in-Residence; Mellon Fellow of Union College and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Royal Society of the Arts Fellow; Van Wild Music and Kobalt/AWAL Recording Artist, CEO Clarice Holdings and Van Wilt Records) will meet with students of Cornell Performing and Media Arts' American Drama class on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Yasmine will also have a luncheon with faculty and graduate students.

About Yasmine Van Wilt
Yasmine constructs creative and critical works that explore gender, sexuality, and women’s studies, the environmental humanities, and the medical humanities from an eco-feminist, postcolonial lens. She earned her doctorate in Creative Writing and Postcolonial Studies from the University of London in 2016, and is a Mellon Fellow, an artist-in-residence at Columbia University, and the CEO of Van Wilt Records.

She is currently Executive Producing and Impact Producing the feature film Into the Light, directed by eight-time Emmy-winner Charles Stuart, for PBS premiere in May, 2018; the film has screened at the National Geographic headquarters and has been screened at many colleges, including at Columbia University, UCLA, Dartmouth, and is supported by the Campaign to Change Direction.

She has also joined the PBS televisions show Health Minds as an Executive Producing, Creative Producer, Impact Producer, and Composer for PBS. She is also releasing a number of musical works via Kobalt Records/Big Machine Record Label, etc this spring and autumn and is the Executive Producer, Creative Producer, Script Developer, and Composer, and Principal Investigator for a project with Everfi, Columbia University, Cornell University, and The WHO.

Her musical works have reached Top 40 charts in the UK and US, and she has reached Gold-certified status with a number of compositions. Her work has been co-produced by the BBC, national theatres, West End venues, and major receiving and touring theatres and venues. She has managed several multi-national projects with budgets in excess of $10M USD. The fruits of this labor have been shown at the United Nations, national theaters, on PBS, major international radio, and beyond.