Sub-Basement Film Launch Party

May 21, 2021

Enjoy the PMA Sub-basement Film Launch Screening!

Monday, May 24 - Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Streaming link:


Come meet the film students and see a short montage of their final film projects.

Stewart Thorndike and Jeffrey Palmer’s Film and Video Production sections, PMA 4585 Film and Video 2, PMA 3570 Film and Video 1, PMA 3571 Documentary Filmmaking launched an asynchronous screening of all student projects. This screening strategy will allow guests to watch films at their leisure over the next month. We are extremely excited to present these student written and directed projects in the challenging Spring 2021 semester. The tasks they completed were monumental and speak to this moment in our lives. I also want to thank Randy Hendrickson for the amazing effort all semester making these films happen as well as the end of semester screenings. Enjoy great storytelling. —Jeffrey Palmer, Assistant Professor, Performing and Media Arts

Text graphic, PMA Sub-basement film launch party over background of film reels