Dancers in black with blue lights on the wall and floor © Thomas Hoebbel Photography~Video

Spring 2021 Events

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All events listed will be held online and are subject to change. PMA events are free and open to the public (co-hosted and non-PMA events may vary; see event listings for more details).

PMA Virtual Open House


Sporting Blackness: Race, Embodiment, and Critical Muscle Memory on Screen

Cornell University Library Chat in the Stacks with Samantha N. Sheppard

February 23

Racism in America: Protest Movements and Civil Disobedience

Featuring Christine Balance, PMA associate professor and director of the Asian American Studies Program

February 24

Transgender Histories: A conversation with Susan Stryker

Moderated by PMA associate professor Sara Warner

February 24

POSTPONED The Good Victim

Reading of an original play by Gloria Oladipo ’21

A conversation with director and writer Boots Riley

March 4

Under-Construction Cabaret

Hosted by the Cornell Ambassadors for Media and Performance (CAMP) and Graduate Researchers in Media and Performance Arts (GRMPA)

March 11 and April 11

Fridays with Faculty Seminar Series

Latina/o Studies Program

Christine Bacareza Balance, March 19

A conversation with filmmaker Miguel Arteta

March 24

spit fire, drink gasoline (repeat)

Created and performed by Levi Wilson ‘21

Directed by Carolyn Goelzer

March 25


An original play by Anna Evtushenko

Directed by Ross Haarstad

March 26–27

Locally Grown Dance

Directed by Jumay Chu and Byron Suber

April 1–3


By Sun Mee Chomet

Directed by Sara Pistono ’21 and Duoer Jia ’21

April 15–17

Centrally Isolated Film Festival (CIFF)

Coordinated by Sabine Haenni

April 22–30

Prison Re-Entry Project

Directed by Bruce Levitt 

April 23


Directed by Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz

Preview May 3; performances May 21 & 23


Directed by Beth F. Milles

May 7–8

Past Events

Off-Campus/On-Screen: Cornell Life in the Time of COVID-19

Directed by Rebekah Maggor

January 24


Produced by Arin Sheehan '22

February 13

Invitation to Participate

February 15

Season of Glass: Love and Loss in Japanese America (co-sponsor)

February 18