Senior Spotlight: Nathan Revor

July 6, 2020

Nathan Revor

Urban and Regional Studies major, Film and Architecture minor

What are some highlights of your involvement in PMA?

Out of all the classes I took, the film ones always had the best discussions. The conversations that came out of watching a singular film as a group could cover everything from history to craftsmanship to sexuality to political theory to aesthetics to industry to the intersection of all those things. I learned more than I ever thought I would from my peers and professors and greatly looked forward to commencing discussion every class after the credits rolled and the lights switched on.

What are your favorite memories of PMA?

One of my favorites was putting together the final project, a short film, in the introductory film production workshop. Our teams were randomly selected so we all hardly knew each other, and the stakes were low since the class was more about simply learning the technical bits of how to produce a film. That combination ended up being a lot of fun—simply putting together a movie with a bunch of other people who also liked putting together movies.


Prof. Veronica Fitzpatrick, for teaching me how to think about film, and Prof. Aoise Stratford, for teaching me how to think about stories.

Nathan Revor wearing a coat and scarf with desert and sunset visible in background