Senior Spotlight: Lyra Liu

June 8, 2020

Lyra Liu

Performing and Media Arts major

What are some highlights of your involvement in PMA?

I have taken a stab at (to varying degrees of success) many different roles across many different productions during my four years here in PMA, and through it all I never ceased to be amazed by the meaningful connections you can make and brilliant friends you can gain when a group of young people willingly come together and dedicate all they have for the same goal.

What are your favorite memories of PMA?

Gosh, there're just so many. When I come into the Schwartz Building and there're always people at the tables to say hi to. When I walk by Collegetown at night and see the dancing figures silhouetted against the third-floor window. When I'm cooped up in the booth trying to run the lights and have a running commentary with my fellow sound operator on whatever is happening on stage at the same time and the stage manager hissing at us because we're snickering too loud. When sunset hits the building at just the right angle. When I spent the entire night working away in the lighting studio and forget anything outside the enclosed space. When the take 10 is almost up and everyone runs across the street trying not to spill the CTB coffee. When someone can just walk down the hall in Schwartz and see two students plotting murder together and not even bat an eye because obviously they're just practicing their scenes. And most importantly, when all of us weird insecure theatre kids find out that everyone else here is just as weird (and insecure) and brilliant and dramatic and it's always ok to be all of those things at the same time in this building.


I want to say a huge huge THANKS to all the faculty members at PMA for never giving up on me even though I procrastinate a lot and always have a breakdown in the middle of a project. Thanks to Donna, who always takes care of my registration mishaps right before the deadline hits. And finally thanks to all the amazing cast and crew members I've had the privilege to work with over the years for always being there for each other even when the nights grow late. I have constantly been and will continue to be inspired by all of you.

Parting Words

To all my PMA family and friends and those I haven't yet gotten to know, stay safe, stay good, and stay weird.

Lyra Liu smiling in a striped shirt with a hand in her hair