Senior Spotlight: Kelly Stone

June 1, 2020

Kelly Stone

Communication major, Media Studies, Information Science, Creative Writing minor

What are some highlights of your involvement in PMA?

I was really excited to be a part of the inaugural group of Media Studies minors this year. This minor has allowed me to combine my interest in media by taking classes in many different disciplines and has allowed me to explore my creativity in writing, publishing, art, web design, and fashion.

What are your favorite memories of PMA?

My favorite memory has been taking Sarah Bernstein's Costume History, Construction, and Design classes. I've always loved fashion and these classes were really fun outlets for me to learn more about the history of Western fashion and its connection to theatrical productions.


I would like to thank Sabine Haenni for supporting me in my passion for this new minor. I would also like to thank Sarah Bernstein for her enthusiasm in all of the costume classes I've taken with her over the past few semesters.

Kelly Stone standing under arched passage at Cornell