Senior Spotlight: Jessie Yee

May 28, 2020

Jessie Yee

Information Science major and Film and Game Design minor

What are some highlights of your involvement in PMA?

One of the highlights of my PMA experience was connecting with others—from student to professor—who are genuinely passionate about topics in film, television, and design. Many of my favorite courses at Cornell have been discussion-based PMA classes, especially because the creative nature of PMA classes, like designing characters and pitching TV shows, was a nice contrast with and break from my Information Science major.

What are your favorite memories of PMA?

My favorite memories of PMA have been talking to teaching staff one-on-one—whether to discuss classwork or our favorite films. Some of my favorite assignments have actually been writing research papers and getting to choose the films and topics I discussed. I've been able to learn more about topics I'm passionate about, like the fear of technology and "Black Mirror" or rediscovering my childhood love for "The Wizard of Oz."


I'd like to thank all the PMA teaching staff I've worked with! Thank you especially to Prof. Villarejo, Prof. Bunn, and Prof. Sheppard for creating classes I always looked forward to attending (and honestly kept me going throughout the semester) and for inspiring me beyond the environment of the lecture hall.

Jessie Yee