Senior Spotlight: Hannah Luchs

June 11, 2020

Hannah Luchs

Communication major, Media Studies and Jewish Studies minor

What are some highlights of your involvement in PMA?

The opportunity to be one of the first students in Cornell’s history to graduate with a minor in Media Studies is so special. I can’t wait to see how this minor grows in the future!

What are your favorite memories of PMA?

Getting to pave the way for students interested in Media was really special. Cornell doesn’t have as many resources for students focused on media and entertainment as universities in urban areas, so this minor provided an amazing way to get involved with media during the year and not just through my summer internships! In addition, getting credit for taking classes about TV and music was pretty awesome!


I’d like to thank all of my professors who fostered my passion for media, especially Sabine Haenni who has been instrumental in my success in the minor!

Hannah Luchs, wearing her honor cords, smiling on the Cornell football field