Senior Spotlight: Allen Porterie

May 26, 2020

Allen Porterie

English major, Theatre minor

What are some highlights of your involvement in PMA? 

Performing in multiple shows including Hamlet Wakes Up Late, The Loneliness Project, Tartuffe, Life Sentence, and The Awakening of Spring. I came into an understanding of my artistry in PMA, and grew as a scholar through courses with phenomenal teachers like Sara Warner, Samantha Sheppard, David Feldshuh, Rebekah Maggor, Beth Milles, Godfrey Simmons, and Carolyn Goelzer. Prof. Gainor guided me through the completion of the Theater minor and was always more than willing to help. I also formed relationships with the people that keep PMA running—the staff! People by the names of Cindy Greco, Lindsey White, Steven Blasberg, Howie Klein, and Judy Virgilio all reminded me that there is no department without the great minds that keep it intact. And, of course, the stunning work of our resident designers really illuminated every performance I had in the Schwartz.

What are your favorite memories of PMA?

Leaving rehearsal at the Schwartz after 11 PM and taking the bus home. Those bus rides were some of the most peaceful moments I had on campus. One can do a lot of reflection on a late-night bus ride!


Thank you to everyone who has imparted knowledge on me throughout my time at Cornell. Whether I was enrolled in their course or not, I knew that every faculty member had my best interest at heart and wanted me to succeed.