Schwartz Center Virtual Tour Transcript

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Welcome to the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, home to Cornell University's Department of Performing and Media Arts!

Its marble walls encompass all the elements needed for teaching and performance in theatre, film, dance, and design.

Kiplinger Theatre

The Kiplinger Theatre was designed after an 18th-century Italian opera house and equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment and a hydraulic orchestra pit. The seating capacity is 446–471.

Class of '56 Flexible Theatre

The Flex Theatre is ideal for more intimate productions that work best with the audience in close proximity to the performers. The space is set in a three-quarter-thrust configuration with a seating capacity of 180.

Black Box Theatre

The Black Box Theatre is the primary venue for various student-led productions. Faculty also use the space as a classroom for acting and directing. The seating capacity is 94.

Class of ’56 Dance Studio Theatre 

The Dance Studio Theatre is the most frequently used dance rehearsal space. For performances, the space provides a full light grid and bleacher seating with a capacity of 130.

Film Forum

The Film Forum is a major lecture hall and the Schwartz Center’s private movie theatre. Over the years, the hall has been used for presentations by professionals from the industry. The seating capacity is 100.

Sound Stage

The sound stage is used for film production, small seminars, and multimedia installations. It is completely soundproof and has lighting and gaffer equipment on set.

Dance Studio 320

The studio is the Schwartz Center’s most visible space, as it overlooks College Avenue. It has the audio/visual equipment to allow for recording and playback of rehearsals. The studio holds a grand piano for live accompaniment of dance classes.

Scene Shop and Costume Shop

Situated between the Flex and Kiplinger theatres, the scene shop is where all sets and props are created. The costume shop is where you will find the costume designers and staff, as well as the dyeing, shoe, fitting, and laundry rooms.

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