Radio interview with 'Hamlet Wakes Up Late' adapter/director Rebekah Maggor and composer Kinan Abou-afach

November 8, 2017


Listen to Hamlet Wakes Up Late (November 10–18) adapter/director and PMA assistant professor Rebekah Maggor and composer Kinan Abou-afach talk about the play with WHCU Talk Radio's Lee Rayburn.

In this biting political satire of Shakespeare's tragedy by renowned Syrian poet and playwright Mamduh Adwan, Hamlet is a narcissistic prince, blissfully unaware of his people's bleak reality. Distracted by drink and theatre rehearsals, Hamlet fails to notice the rise of a brutal plutocratic dictatorship. 


Janilya Baizack '17 as the Queen, Allen Porterie '20 as Hamlet. Photo by Rachel Philipson, costume and makeup design by Sarah Bernstein.