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Radio interview with 'Baltimore' & Civic Ensemble's Sarah K. Chalmers & Godfrey Simmons

April 26, 2017


Listen to Baltimore (April 28–May 6) director and Civic Ensemble director of civic engagement and co-artistic director Sarah K. Chalmers and PMA visiting lecturer and Civic Ensemble co-artistic director Godfrey Simmons discuss the play with WHCU Talk Radio's Lee Rayburn.

"You will be challenged, you will has a lot of funny moments. I think we might recognize ourselves. And come [to the show] because, I think, to have that experience of being a little bit uncomfortable, but being loved in the theatre. We're telling these stories because we want to explore our humanity and everything that means. Not because anybody is pointing a finger or saying 'you're a bad person that thinks this.' It's that all of this exists. It's here. Let's see it, let's acknowledge it, let's put it on the table. It's always better in the end to do that, than to look away." -- Director Sarah K. Chalmers.