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The College of Arts Sciences

PMA Podcast: 'Baltimore' interview with Godfrey L. Simmons

April 27, 2017


In episode 6 of the PMA Podcast, Cornell PMA visiting lecturer and Civic Ensemble co-artistic director Godfrey L. Simmons talks with host Chris Christensen about race, politics, and how they tie into PMA & Civic Ensemble's second annual collaboration, Baltimore (April 28–May 6) by Kirsten Greenidge. 

"We hope [this production is] a way that students on campus can feel like they can have the conversation [about race] without feeling exhausted. You can actually see it. And sometimes seeing it becomes a different thing, and seeing it within the safety of a theatre provides a different way to look at these issues. An entirely different way. And it's exciting." -- Godfrey L. Simmons