PMA courses rank among "most innovative"

By: Sanna Sharp,  Medium
February 21, 2020

Sanna Sharp, writing for Medium, sought to find the most innovative courses taught at top universities across the country. After pouring through dozens of 2019–20 course catalogs, Sharp compiled her top 17 choices: three of which come from Cornell University's Department of Performing and Media Arts.

"Students deserve professors who not only understand the topics they teach, but who embody them. They need professors who can re-engineer a General Education requirement into a must-take course. They need professors who care so deeply about their research, about their field, that their excitement over the topic at hand is palpable. Students need professors who think outside of the box, and who encourage them to as well.

What universities–– and the students who attend them––need is: innovation."

—Sanna Sharp

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