PMA Acting and Directing Pedagogy Minor

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Doctoral students in the Department of Performing and Media Arts may pursue a graduate Minor in Acting and Directing Pedagogy as part of their curriculum. Students who wish to pursue this track are encouraged to state this in their application materials.

The Minor involves a combination of approved course work and practical experience, as determined by the Acting or Directing mentor, who serves as a fourth member of the student’s Special Committee. Students should identify, in their first or second semester, a Graduate Field Faculty Member willing to serve as their mentor for the Minor. The faculty mentor will work closely with students to develop an individualized program of study, with an emphasis in either Acting or Directing, taking into consideration past experience and future goals. Students will utilize the Pedagogy of Theatre and Performance class to develop teaching skills in the chosen area. Classes in Acting, Directing, or other areas may also be required. Graduate students pursuing this Minor will undertake creative work in the Department (particular production opportunities cannot be guaranteed), submitting proposals to their Special Committee and the Performance and Event Committee, which plots our event season. 

Faculty mentors for the Minor will take primary responsibility for mentorship and professional development in this area. This Special Committee member will determine, prior to degree conferral, whether students have fulfilled the requirements for the Minor and whether they can be recommended to teach acting or directing (or act or direct) in a college environment. Should a student not be able to identify an eligible faculty member willing to join their Special Committee, the student will not be able to pursue the Minor.