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Pedagogies of self-humanization: collaborating to engage trauma in the Phoenix Players Theatre Group

By: Nick Fesette and Bruce A. Levitt,  Teaching Artist Journal
January 8, 2018

In a recently published Teaching Artist Journal articleCornell Department of Performing and Media Arts professor Bruce A. Levitt and graduate student Nick Fesette write about how "practicing collaborative prison theatre to cope with traumatic experiences constitutes a pedagogy of self-narrating, self-teaching, and self-humanizing." 

"The Phoenix Players Theatre Group (PPTG) is a performance collective founded by incarcerated men and located in a maximum-security prison [Auburn Correctional Facility] with the aim of creating a space where they can be witnessed and where they can initiate a process of personal, cultural, and sociopolitical transformation. In the words of the group's founders, 'It is a transformative theatre community, which utilizes theatre to reconnect incarcerated people to their full humanity.'"

Read the full article in the Teaching Artist Journal.

Nathan Powell performs a piece from An Indeterminate Life (2014) with the rest of the Phoenix Players. Courtesy of the Phoenix Players Theatre Group.