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The College of Arts Sciences

'This Is Our Youth,' an independent project production

May 5, 2017

When: Friday, May 12, and Saturday, May 13, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Black Box Theatre, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts


Set in 1982 NYC, This Is Our Youth follows 24 hours in the lives of three very lost young souls: Warren (Michael Southworth), a dejected 19-year-old who has just stolen $15,000 from his abusive, tycoon father; Dennis (Thomas Marin), his charismatic drug-dealing friend who helps Warren put the stolen money to good use; and Jessica (Selin Onar) the anxiously insightful woman who Warren yearns for.

The painful, funny, and all-too-familiar coming-of-age moments that playwright Kenneth Lonergan capturesthe point at which one's youthful ideals are lost, the recognition of the disappointments and failures of one's parents, the choice to hide from the adult world, rather than face it—make the play strikingly resonant for audience members of all ages.

The Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts is located at 430 College Avenue in Ithaca.

This Is Our Youth