New Course Spotlight: "Feeling Brown, Feeling Down:" Theorizing Performance

April 20, 2016

UG: PMA 4806/ LSP 4806/ AMST 4806
G: PMA 6806/ LSP 6806
Tuesday/Thursday 10:10 AM - 11:25 AM · 4 Credits
Instructor: Prof. Karen Jaime,

What does it "feel" like to be Latina/o? How can we begin to understand "Brown feelings"? Drawing on the work of critical theorist and performance scholar, the late José E. Muñoz, we will interrogate the ways in which Brown feelings are performed both through "scripted" performance (film, television, performance art, theater, texts) and in the everyday. Specifically, course participants will be asked to attend to the manner in which Muñoz pushed for race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality to be understood as “affective difference.” “Affective difference” being defined as “the ways in which different historically coherent groups ‘feel’ differently and navigate the material world on a different emotional register.” Although the emphasis will be on U.S. based artists of Latina/o descent, we will also attend to the work and texts of non-Latina/o performers and theorists.

**Please note that this is a graduate level/advanced undergraduate level course open to graduate students and seniors, (juniors by permission only).**

Latina actress Gina Rodriguez holding a pregnancy test