Karen Jaime's poetry included in anthology of Latina activist writing

February 16, 2018

Department of Performing and Media Arts assistant professor Karen Jaime's poem “A Political Statement” has been published in the anthology Latinas: Protests and Struggles in the 21st Century USA, edited by Iris Morales. The anthology from Red Sugarcane Press "is a timely collection of poetry and prose reflecting on women’s lived experiences and the ways that Latinas address the relationship between gender and social change. The contributors are poets, activists, educators, artists, and journalists engaged in a variety of work from community organizing to university teaching. Edited by longtime activist Iris Morales, the selections illustrate how Latinas understand the gendered conditions of their lives and discuss inequities faced as women and also by class, race, ethnicity, national origin, and immigration status. The volume is most closely aligned with the view of feminism as a movement to end sexist oppression, both its institutional and individual manifestations."

Karen Jaime