Jorge Silva '12 Accepted at University of Chicago Booth School of Business

By: Aurora Ricardo,  Department of Performing & Media Arts
April 14, 2021

Jorge Silva ‘12 has been accepted to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He was awarded the Neubauer Civics Scholarship, which is designated for MBA students who work in a 501(c) designated nonprofit organization or for the government. In Silva's case, the nonprofit is The Neo-Futurists in Chicago, an organization he joined in 2016 as the recipient of the Neo-Access Scholarship, and where he now serves as writer/performer, producer, and the Managing Director.

Silva gradutated from Cornell as a government and theatre double major with a minor in Latin American studies at Cornell University. During his undergraduate career, Silva worked with the Committee on U.S. and Latin-American Relations connecting local Spanish speaking immigrant communities to legal resources and ESL courses. While at Cornell, he also lead the nation’s oldest student run Latinx theatre company in the nation, Teatrotaller. His journey from there to the Neo-Futurists features many other organizations and considerable work, which can be read in his Neo-Futurists profile.

Silva provided a statement regarding this excellent news: 

"Ya’ll have been hearing me say it for a while: the nonprofit theater model needs changing. Arts organizations need a structural change that merges creativity with service; that creates sustainability for all those it purports to serve; that makes its community equal stakeholders in decision-making. No one should have to choose between donating to a community aid effort and their favorite arts organization - those should be one and the same. That is why I am honored to accept the Neubauer Civics Scholarship at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The next three years are a commitment to developing that model and generating a fundamental shift in our culture. Thank you to the fam that supported me during this process and to the Neos for showing me the way - love you all."

The Department of Performing & Media Arts wishes Jorge excellent experiences and outcomes in this new endeavour!

Jorge Silva headshot