Invitation to Propose a Project

November 5, 2021

Programming & Curriculum Committee

Invitation to Propose a Project

Welcome to Performing and Media Arts! The Performing & Media Arts Performance & Events Committee is dedicated to supporting with care the cross-disciplinary creative work formulated by our student body.

The vision of the Performance and Events committee is to nurture and mentor artists, performers, writers and thinkers through the process of event programming. We recognize that all people should see their stories represented and envision their stories as valuable. We wish to create spaces that actively seek to break down systems of oppression based on race, gender, sexuality, class, ability and place of origin and empower all to be involved. We aim to stimulate thoughtful conversation with our community and throughout our work, to strengthen bonds and engage inquiry, dialogue, and impact around social and cultural change.

We invite you to propose work that you would like to present for AY 2022-2023.

We welcome proposals from people of all experience levels!

Optional P&C Proposal Information session:
Friday, November 5 at 4:30pm in Schwartz Rm. 220 or via Zoom:

Please contact Jason Simms (, Jeff Palmer ( or Pam Lillard ( with questions.

Please submit your project proposals through the PMA 2022-2023 Performance and Events Calendar Proposal Form.  The deadline to submit is Friday, January 28, 2022


Call for proposal