Internship Processes for Other Colleges

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CALS students historically rely on their faculty advisor to review and approve internships. If CALS students are adding a PMA internship credit, they must have approval from PMA and their faculty advisor. CALS students may add up to six internship credits during their undergraduate career. 

Shawna Alling
College Registrar, CALS
140 Roberts Hall


Jennifer Weidner
College Registrar, ILR Office of Student Services
101 Ives Hall

She will guide you through the ILR internship process. 


The College of Human Ecology does not award academic credit to students for internships. They do allow students to complete independent study classes during the fall or spring terms that use the knowledge gained during an internship to gain academic credit. The student would register for an independent study with a faculty member and through that complete some type of academic work in the fall or spring that the faculty member would grade (presentation/paper/project). The credit isn’t given for the internship, rather the work conducted during the fall or spring term for the independent study class. 

It is the student’s responsibility to find an instructor to do the independent study with and to decide on the work that needs to be done when they return to campus to get academic credit. The special studies can be done in any college.  

Tracey Thompson
Registrar, College of Human Ecology
222 Tower Road