Hip-hop and breakdance auditions, 9/18

September 14, 2017

When: Monday, September 18, 8:00 p.m.
Where: Room 320, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts


Are you a hip-hop dancer? Do you breakdance? The Department of Performing and Media Arts is looking for five passionate and talented dancers, fluent in hip-hop or breakdance, to form the dance ensemble for “Hamlet Wakes Up Late,” directed by PMA faculty member Rebekah Maggor. This project offers a unique opportunity to collaborate on devising and integrating dance interludes, with live music, for this fully produced, provocative, relevant, and exciting political performance. Movement will be choreographed by student Niara Hardister in collaboration with PMA dance faculty member Jumay Chu. PMA course credit available for interested students. 

Rehearsals will take place twice a week between September 27 and November 3, with technical and dress rehearsals and performances every evening between November 3–11, and November 15–18. You must be available for all technical and dress rehearsals and performances in order to join the show.