Julie Phan '20 and Reiley Dorrian '23 in rehearsal for Sizzle

Energy: 10-Minute Play Festival

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Graduate Researchers in Media and Performing Arts (GRMPA) present the 10-Minute Play Festival: Energy

Produced by Elaigwu Ameh and Sara Pistono '21
October 3–5, 2019
Black Box Theatre, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts

The 10-Minute Play Festival serves as a laboratory for the development of student-written plays and presents students with a wide range of opportunities in theatre. The 2019–2020 festival will be the 7th edition of this student-driven process. Hinged on the theme “Energy,” this edition explores varying ways through which energy unveils itself to humanity in public and private spaces.

Meet the Playwrights

Anna Etushenko, second-year Ph.D. student in Information Science
"Two Lives"

Garrett Hastings '19, Archaeology and Performing and Media Arts
"The Cursed 500"

Edy Kennedy '20, Performing and Media Arts and English
"The Souperior Ice Cream"

Julian Robison '20, Communications major, Business and Theatre minors

Quinn Theobald '22
“Everything Goes Widdershins”

Kristen Wright, Doctoral Candidate in Africana Studies
“Jamal From Empire”

Energy: 10-Minute Play Festival Photo Gallery