Catching The Stars: A Lighting, Music & Dance Extravaganza

Schwartz Center lit up at night

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Join us May 11 at 9 pm for this year's showing, the premiere event using lighting, music, and dance on the newly renovated Schwartz Center Courtyard!

This nighttime performance will have the dancers and musicians improvising madly in the dazzling lights shooting onto the streets and into the skies from the windows of the Schwartz Center.

What a way to celebrate the end of the academic year!

This event is a collaboration of:
PMA 3650 Automated Lighting and Control, Instructor: E.D. Intemann
PMA 3225: Mapping the Moving Body, Instructor: Jumay Chu
Music 3660: Music Improvisation Ensemble, Instructor: Annie Lewandowski

The Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell and Cornell Astronomical Society will also be making an appearance, so be sure to keep checking back in for details!