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PMA performances & events for 2017–18

May 1, 2017

The Cornell PMA Performance and Events Committee is proud to present the following list of PMA Performances and Events scheduled for 2017–18. We look forward to seeing you in our audiences and working with you on our stages, in our production shops, and in our classrooms in what will be an exciting and challenging year of making and experiencing art through performance.

For tickets, the box office is open 2:30 p.m.–8:00 p.m., Tuesday–Saturday. The box office is closed on all Cornell University holidays and during semester breaks. Tickets can be purchased online at For customer service, contact the box office at 607-254-2787.

2017–2018 Performances and Events Calendar

Fall 2017


Festival 24

Produced by Irving Torres-Lopez

Flex Theatre

August 26


The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht

Directed by Beth Milles

Kiplinger Theatre

September 21–23


10-Minute Playfest

Produced by Sam Blake and Julia Dunetz

Black Box Theatre

September 28–29, October 1


Bad Jews by Joshua Harmon

Produced by Alissa Jaquin

Directed by Julia Dunetz

Black Box Theatre

November 2–4


Hamlet Wakes Up Late by Mamduh Adwan

Translated by Margaret Litvin

Adapted and directed by Rebekah Maggor

Flex Theatre

November 10–11, 17–18


Climates of Change: A Living Newspaper

Co-directed by Sara Warner and Godfrey Simmons

Film Forum

December 1–2


Film and Media

Voices & Visions in Contemporary Black Media

Coordinated by Samantha Sheppard

Film Forum

October 19: Dr. Kristen Warner, Associate Professor at the University of Alabama 

November 14: Dr. TreaAndrea Russworm, Associate Professor at UMass-Amherst 



Mini Locally Grown Dance

Directed by Byron Suber

Class of ’56 Dance Theatre

November 30–December 2



Escape from the Archive: Encountering History through Performance and Theater

Coordinated by Caitlin Kane and Erin Stoneking


Soyica Diggs Colbert (Georgetown University)

Leigh Fondakowski (Tectonic Theatre Project)

Kelli Simpkins (Tectonic Theatre Project)

Film Forum

October 28–29


Spring 2018


Festival 24

Produced by Irving Torres-Lopez

Flex Theatre

January 27


Performance Encounters: Erin Markey and Becca Blackwell: We Tried to Stop and We Can’t 

Coordinated by Karen Jaime

Class of ’56 Dance Theatre

March 8–9


Current | Corriente

Written by Irving Torres-Lopez

Black Box Theatre

March 15–17


The Loneliness Project (AGIT Lab)

Co-written & directed by Caitlin Kane

Black Box Theatre

April 19–21


Mr. Burns: A Post-electric Play

Directed by Jayme Kilburn

Kiplinger Theatre

April 27–28, May 4–5


Film and Media

Filmmaking + Social Justice

Coordinated by Dehanza Rogers



Centrally Isolated Film Festival

Faculty Advisor: Sabine Haenni

Film Forum

April 13–14



Locally Grown Dance

Directed by Byron Suber and Jumay Chu

Kiplinger Theatre

March 1–3


containment: defining boundaries, activating outbreak

Choreographed by Danielle LaGrua

Class of ’56 Dance Theatre

May 3–5



Heermans-McCalmon Dramatic Writing Competition

Coordinated by Pamela Lillard

Class of ’56 Dance Theatre

March 23

Locally Grown Dance 2017 ©Thomas Hoebbel Photography

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